Our Mission

The Jacksonville Community Land Trust creates home ownership options for low- and moderate-income individuals and families of Jacksonville, Florida, to improve neighborhood stability, promote economic development, and build wealth while preserving affordable homes for future generations.

Our Vision

All citizens of Jacksonville, Florida, with an interest in home ownership and the stability and wealth creation that home ownership can provide, have an opportunity to acquire a property that suits their needs in affordability, quality, safety, and access to jobs and amenities and that contributes positively to their well-being and quality of life.

Our Approach

The Jacksonville Community Land Trust (JCLT) acquires land, housing, and other critical community-serving real estate and stewards them in trust to ensure that they remain affordable in perpetuity.

The JCLT builds neighborhood stability, housing equity, and community strength by fostering a healthy mix of housing types, sizes, and prices, affordable at the wages of the jobs nearby.

The JCLT creates innovative shared-equity ownership structures that balance the needs of individuals and families to build wealth with the long-term goal of permanently preserving affordability.

The JCLT fosters leadership and builds community ownership through an engaged board of community members to enact a vision of resident-powered development on community-owned land.

The JCLT is a steward of:

The JCLT ensures affordability by:

The vision, mission, and approach of the JCLT reflect an aspiration and strategy to position Jacksonville as a strong community of viable neighborhoods that provides all people with well-being and an unrivaled quality of life through secure, sustainable, and affordable housing and community facilities, as well as productive lands that are conserved, connected, and cared for in perpetuity.